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February 28, 2022

Run iptv on windows with vlc media player

In this article, we will explain how to run IPTV on windows with vlc media player

To run IPTV subscriptions on a computer with Windows, we need two things, first your IPTV subscription line, and also the VLC media player program.

There is more than one way, so we will explain all the ways to run IPTV on the VLC media player for the computer and leave the download link for the program at the end of the article .

first method

After downloading and installing VLC media player, copy your m3u subscription link and put it in the place designated for it in the vlc program as in the pictures

Run iptv on windows with vlc media player

we go to media/open network stream.. then we paste the subscription link and press PLAY button

Run iptv on windows with vlc media player

Wait a few moments to run the subscription and download the list

Run iptv on windows with vlc media player

To display the list of channels, click on the icon marked in the red frame

vlc media player

The second method

We download the subscription file by placing your subscription link in the browser to download the subscription file

iptv to vlc media player

After downloading the file iptv m3u, we run the file with vlc media player

vlc media player

Third method The last one is to run IPTV on Windows with VLC media player

We open the program and pull out the subscription file and place it on top of the program as in the image below after a few moments, the channel list will appear

Here is a link to download the program VLC Media Player here

to order free trial m3u link Here


One of the disadvantages of the program is that it cannot run a large and huge list of channels and movies. If you encounter a problem in not playing the list, reduce the number of channels and it will work.


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